The Elana® Heart Bypass System



AMT Medical is a clinical stage medical device company developing a highly innovative and unique Heart bypass system.

With our proven track-record concerning our Elana Brain solution, we decided to move from the head to the heart.

With one dream: to banish the open-heart bypass surgery from the world.

Up until recently, that seemed a distant prospect. Well, not anymore.

We start with a sutureless procedure in open heart setting, with the next phase moving to a minimally invasive technique, using a robot. A scenario where the patient is back home after only a few days and without pain is right in front of our eyes.

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Why is there a need for innovation?

Medical Needs

Every year, a million patients undergo highly invasive heart bypass surgery with long recovery times and serious complications, mainly due to the opening of the chest and stopping of the heart. This procedure is outdated and does not fit our modern times anymore. Our technique is aiming heart bypass surgery to be performed through small holes in the chest. No split ribcage. No heart-lung machine. No stopping of the heart. Not even sutures. Therefore, we move on to the first clinical phase, where the Elana Heart Bypass System is used in an open chest setting.

Do you want reproducibility of your bypass?

Value for healthcare specialists

The Elana Heart Bypass System allows bypass surgery to be performed on the beating heart, via a suturing-free procedure. The innovative ELANA procedure is designed and developed in such a way that is applicable both in open chest and totally endoscopic procedure setting. The first step is in an open setting moving quickly to be performed through fingertip-sized openings in the chest, even with the use of the Robotics.
We want to make the ELANA Heart Bypass Solution the new “Gold Standard“. Together we can do this, and improve the quality of life of millions of patients and their loved ones.



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Our focus is on the patients


We aim to help future patients experiencing bypassing by minimizing long recovery times and serious complications. Quickly allowing the patients to go home and do the things they enjoy, without pain and dysfunction.
And we can do that, starting soon. By making the open-heart surgery a procedure from the past.


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Who are we

About us

Through the collaborations with the UMC Utrecht (The Netherlands), the St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein (The Netherlands) and The German Heart Center/Charité in Berlin (Germany), we are developing a new improved way of performing heart bypasses. 

We are at the heart of improving lives.

ELANA, ELANA-techniek, ELANA Technique, AMT-medical, Utrecht, Ede, Cleanroom

Be noticed


A procedure that shortens the recovery time of the patient significantly. And lowers costs for society in general. A much-needed next step in coronary bypass technology.

With one simple goal: we want the Elana Heart Bypass System become the new “Gold Standard” for the treatment of society’s biggest killer. 

That’s why we set out on a journey to conquer the hearts of you as a surgeon or investor, medical body or patient group.

We don’t go unnoticed.

“What do we need from an innovation? We just need standardized techniques that are very easy and fast. An important condition is that the outcome of using a connector is equivalent to open hand sewed CABG surgery, which we used for years with excellent outcomes”

Dr. Bart van Putte

Cardiothoracic surgeon at St Antonius Hospital
in The Netherlands


We’re AMT Medical, and hope to have enthused you with our passionate mission.