About Us

What do we aim for?

Our ambition

We have one big dream: to banish open heart bypass surgery from the world.
Up until recently, that seemed a distant prospect. Well, not anymore. Today our dream becomes tangible.
Our technique enables the bypass surgery to be performed through small holes in the chest. No split ribcage. No heart-lung machine. No stopping of the heart. Not even sutures. Yes, it’s that minimally invasive. This means less implications during surgery and a shorter recovery time for the patient. Within a few days he or she can go home and do the things they enjoy, without pain and dysfunction. That is why we want to make this the new standard in coronary bypass surgeries, improving the quality of life for millions of people. And we can do that, starting today. By making the open heart surgery a procedure from the past. 

Our ambition

Partnership is important for us

Together we are better

Together with the UMC Utrecht (The Netherlands) we developed a new and better way to perform heart bypasses. The Antonius hospital Nieuwegein (The Netherlands) and The German Heart Center in Berlin (Germany) are the expert centers where the procedure is put into clinical practice. Partnership is important for us so we work with clinical specialists, advisors and our investors on a daily basis.
We firmly believe “Together we are better”.
Our AMT team is key to reaching our goals. We have a diverse team of junior and senior members, who are extremely experienced in R&D innovations, quality, regulatory guidelines and bringing clinical solutions to patients.

What makes us special?

Our values

We are passionate about innovation and quality and are people-oriented.
We trust each other and communicate in an open and transparent way.
We are ambitious and driven to reach our common mission and vision.

Have a look at our team!

Rutger Tulleken

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Bronkers

Chief Technical Officer

Getlin Visser

Chief Strategy Officer

Harry Teirlinck

Director Quality and Regulatory

Rene de Keijzer

Chief Financial Officer

Sander van Thoor

Manager Quality, Products & Technology

Maike Edens

Biomedical Engineer

Rik Mansvelt Beck

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Andre van Dieren

Bio Technical Research

Darragh Carroll

Mechanical engineer

Saskia Redegeld

Manager Research & Laboratory

Joke Heemskerk

Office Manager

Clinical specialists

Marieke Hoogewerf

Phd student Cardiac Surgery

Dr. David Stecher

Cardiacthoracic Surgeon in Training

Clinical Advisors

Prof. Cees Tulleken

Bypass Research

Prof. dr. Volkmar Falk

Deutsche HerzZentrum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Prof. dr. Bas de Mol

AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. dr. Stephan Jacobs

Deutsche HerzZentrum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Bart van Putte

St. Antonius, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Prof. dr. Pieter Doevendans

UMCU, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dr. Patrick Klein

St. Antonius, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


Viktor Mattousch

On behalf of PPM Oost NV

Peter Haasjes

On behalf of NextGen Ventures

Jaap de Bruin

On behalf of Utrecht Holdings


Jan Keltjens

Independent advisor

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