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bypassing open heart surgery

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The story behind

What is ELANA?

The AMT solution is based on a similar solution for the brain, the so-called ELANA technique. This ELANA brain solution was introduced to the market by Elana bv, a company earlier founded by the CEO of AMT.

The innovative ELANA procedure is designed and developed in such a way, that it could be applicable both in open chest and totally endoscopic procedure setting without the need of
stopping the heart for even a moment. Our specifically designed connector and laser catheter allow us to make this possible. The new ELANA Heart Bypass system will soon be used in patients, in an open chest setting first. 

How does it work in theory?


A donor vessel, it is attached to the specially designed connector. The connector is then placed onto the blocked vessel, connecting it to the donor vessel. After insuring there are no leakages, a special laser catheter is inserted to create the opening that connects the vessels. he opening of the vessel is closed permanently by a clamp, allowing the blood flow to bypass the blockage when the temporary clamp is released.

*The TECAB solution described in the video is our vision for minimally invasive CABG procedures. Currently, the ELANA Heart Bypass Solution is still being developed in an open chest setting.

How does it work in practice?

Discover ELANA

Now that you know how it works in theory, let’s have a look at how the ELANA technique worked in our pre-clinical trial.

“Connectors are very helpful to perform an anastomosis in a very tiny challenging environment which you face in a Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass (TECAB) surgery. The development of connectors will bring the TECAB up to another level”

Prof. Stephan Jacobs

Cardiothoracic Surgery at the German Heart Center