The industrialisation of the ELANA Heart technology

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Project Description

The objective of this project is to industrialize the production of the ELANA Heart technology to bring the product from technology readiness level 6 to 8. Profitable market demand can only be met through serial production and highly reliable production methods. This last step is therefore extremely crucial for the successful market entry of the technology. The result of this project will be a production line for the ELANA Heart catheter and ELANA Heart clip of very high quality, guaranteeing reliability and reproducibility of the product. The development of this technology will bring about radical innovation in cardiac surgery, benefiting patients, the healthcare system, and society. The facilities will also benefit employment and the business climate in the region. An advanced cleanroom will be built to house the catheter production. After this project, it will also be made available to other innovative entrepreneurs, to further support SMEs.

The consortium consists of 3 innovative SMEs, each of which is located in the East Netherlands region. AMT medical brings in the technology. They have established knowledge about bringing a medical product to the market. The technology developed here is based on the ELANA Brain technology, developed by the people behind AMT medical and successfully brought to the market. AMT medical also has an overview of the market and has a large network to make the development of ELANA Heart a success. ILT Fineworks has unique skills in micro engineering. They have a fully equipped development workshop, where mechanical and mechatronic prototypes are made from an idea or sketch. They have also been working with AMT medical for a long time, so they know the technology and are assured of a smooth collaboration. SunnyHome is the operator of the Zonneoord Estate, a Knowledge and Innovation Campus for a healthier society. It is a community for small and large initiatives, startups and already established companies that realize a major impact with knowledge and innovations. This project will further expand SunnyHome’s facilities, allowing more companies to establish themselves here and strengthening Oost’s competitive position.

OP Oost

The operational program (OP) ERDF East Netherlands is a joint subsidy program of the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland and is working on structural strengthening of the economy. East Netherlands will use the ERDF resources to stimulate innovation and a low-carbon economy. The aim is for more East Netherlands SMEs to generate more turnover from new products.